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CACO - Local culture, arts and crafts


Dates: 01/10/2023 - 30/09/2024 (12 months)

Venue: Odemira – Portugal

Hosting organization: CACO

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CACO is an non-profit association aiming at uniting and representing local artisans, by contributing to the dignification of craft activities. According to its mission, CACO association carries out several actions to support the commercialization of handicrafts, namely those resulting from the work of its associates, and also:

  •  to promote activities that encourage and foster knowledge and dissemination of the local handicrafts activity (namely with schools and the local community)
  •  to promote the professional training of artisans
  •  to network at different levels with entities with an interest, or direct intervention, in the arts and crafts sector.

Presently CACO coordinates the project CRIAR – Network Center for the Innovation of the Regional Handicraft and offers workshops and tours based on real experiences in the scope of the traditional arts and crafts. This network center is located in Odemira, a rural area which confines with the Atlantic where agriculture and sea related activities are developed by local communities.

There are several cultural programs specially designed for the visitor (and the local community) to know Odemira region, with paths through landscapes, villages and private environments.

The activities and projects promoted and developed by CACO aim at the local communities - particularly young people - and also the visitors of the region who search for a closer contact with the local culture.


Two volunteers will be integrated in the team of CACO for a period of 12 months, in the village of Odemira, participating in different projects related with the local culture and the arts and crafts. Most of the work will happen in CACO’s building, where we have CRIAR – Network Center for the Innovation of the Regional Handicraft, constituted by 2 workshop spaces prepared for ceramic, wood, sewing and jewelry. CACO also has 2 exhibition rooms and a store where the arts from our associates and local products are commercialized.

The CRIAR space intends to welcome everyone in its exhibition spaces and workshops. These activities are aimed at a wide range of audiences: from the community local residents - Portuguese, foreigners and migrants - as well as visitors to the region and have very different objectives:

  • Training and qualification
  • Promotion of local products
  • Dissemination of workshops and experiences with the artisans of CACO
  • Artistic residencies

CACO is hosting international volunteers for the first time. Young people applying should be pro-active and willing to grow together with the team in CACO.


Position 1 + 2 | Local culture, arts and crafts

Two volunteers will be integrated in the team of CACO and will support the various activities promoted by CACO, in the CRIAR space, in the workshops of artisans and in local fairs to which the Association is invited to attend.

The volunteers will be included in the different phases of the activities: design, preparation, implementation and evaluation, including monitoring and dissemination of CACO's activities.

With the support and orientation of CACO's Communication Manager, the volunteer will be familiarized with the association’s communication plan and available tools (material and digita) and will support its implementation.

Volunteers and the team of CACO have a meeting at the beginning of the week to define activities and specific tasks and another meeting at the end of the week for assessment. The volunteer will have a full-time occupation, between 30 and 35 hours per week, with two days off per week and 2 days of vacation per month. The week includes Portuguese classes, reflection sessions, organization and assessment of tasks, within working hours.

Tasks of the volunteer:

  • Meeting at the beginning of the week, where specific activities and tasks are defined;
  • Meeting at the end of the week for evaluation;
  • Follow-up of events promoted by CACO (workshops, exhibitions, others);
  • Support for the implementation of the CACO Communication Plan;
  • Monitoring the activities carried out by CACO and disclosing them on social networks and other CACO communication channels;
  • Photographic documentation and creation of small films;
  • Maintenance of Facebook and Instagram;
  • Design and promotion of events and activities;
  • Other tasks pertinent and related to events.

Expected learning outcomes:

The volunteer position with CACO opens the opportunity to learn and experience how activities related to the valorization of heritage and local way of life can constitute, in a rural context, a opportunity for the economic and social sustainability of the resident communities and, at the same time, contribute to the integration of the different cultures that are present in the territory.

You will gain knowledge on topics such as: local crafts, circular economy, social integration and new language.


ESC positions in CACO fits young people with the following profile:

  • Responsable and dynamic;
  • Good level of English language;
  • Flexibility for working at the weekends if needed;
  • Interest in sustainable lifestyles and in reflecting on society, thinking globally and acting locally;
  • Creative, artistic and multimedia skills;
  • Interest and easy learning the Portuguese language, essential to communicate with the local community;
  • With previous experience with your local community and/or associations or other types of social movements
  • With a specific interest in developing one or more of the following skills: social skills, arts and crafts skills and information and communication techniques



  • Volunteers will be accommodated in a rented house in Odemira, in walking distance to the working place. The house will be shared with other ESC volunteers and each one will have his/her own bedroom, which will have a bed and some storage space as well. In this house there is a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and a shared bathroom. The house will have gas, electricity and heating.
  • Given that Odemira is a small village, you can access all the available services on foot. In Odemira you can also find a bus station.
  • The volunteers will have their allowance which will allow them not only to buy food but also for other expenses.
  • The vacations will be agreed between both parties (2 days per month, which can be aggregated and used over long periods).

To apply:

Read carefully each of the available positions, the hosting conditions, expected tasks for the volunteers and the profile of participants. Then:

  • Be specific to which position you’re applying to! We are expecting to read about your motivation to be a volunteer in that specific project.
  • Be ready to send a short video (simple one, homely made) of 2 minutes, presenting your personal profile & history
  • Submit your application form(s) until the 15th of June.