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Project Earth - Art, Ecology and Community


Dates:01/10/2024 - 30/09/2025 (12 months)

Venue: Santa Clara-a-Velha – Portugal

Hosting organisation: Project Earth

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Project Earth is a non-profit association, founded in 2017, based in Sabóia in the interior of the Municipality of Odemira, south of Portugal. It promotes multidisciplinary regenerative practices, which encourage collaboration and the involvement of the community, focused on the potential of place, that contribute to more solidary communities and healthier ecosystems. Develops and collaborates in different local projects such as the Guardiões of Mira (education, art, science, ecology and community), Aldeias à Vista (monthly cultural events), Global Field 2.000m2 - Odemira (food education and space of dialog), CLARA - Center for Rural Future (regenerative lab) and the activist group SOS Rio Mira, giving support to other local projects that value the territory, that offer diversity and new opportunities for everyone.


Project Earth activities are mainly developed in the interior of the municipality of Odemira between the parishes of Sabóia (921 residents), Luzianes (372 residents) and Santa Clara-a-Velha (632 residents). This beautiful rural region with friendly people, plenty of sunshine, clean air and picturesque villages, is our territory of intervention. It can easily be reached by train from Lisbon or Faro and is surrounded by a plethora of attractions to explore, including the spectacular Santa Clara dam part of Mira river, the amazing beaches of Costa Vicentina, archaeological landmarks, the Serra de Monchique, mountain biking and hiking paths to explore the beautiful Alentejo landscape. As many other rural regions in Europe it has been suffering from depopulation and aging of its population but in opposition has been attracting several foreign communities looking for alternative ways of living in closer contact with nature. Water scarcity is the main local challenge due to climate change, deforestation and local intensive farming practices.


Volunteers will be integrated into Project Earth's working groups, participating in the various ongoing projects. They will have the opportunity to establish contact with a diversity of disciplines, from arts to design, from agriculture to ecological regeneration and activism in a practical learning-by-doing process, developing their personal skills and exploring their individual potential for better self-knowledge. They will learn portuguese, have contact with the local culture and with sustainable ways of life and will support the social solidarity activities included in the various projects. A life-changing experience and an opportunity to develop their skills and personal projects.


Position 1 + 2 | Earth volunteers

We care for each other and for our ecosystems and we expect volunteers to be part of our community of care. Profile of the Volunteers: Volunteers should be empathic and motivated to learn and to experience rural living. We integrate all independently of gender, race, religion, graduation or any other difference. We value diversity and also diversity of knowledge and skills. We want to reveal the volunteer’s potential so we need them to be autonomous, adaptable and generous like we try to be.

Tasks and expected learning outcomes: Volunteers will do what we do, learn with us as we shall learn with them, experiencing:

  • to develop new projects or manage and operate ongoing ones,
  • to communicate them,
  • to apply for funding,
  • to contact partners, artists, farmers or others,
  • to develop digital tools,
  • to register information and organize it,
  • to visit other projects, to learn new skills and expressions,
  • to work with a team and to collaborate,
  • to support the community and be part of it.


We want volunteers to have unforgettable memories and if they decide to stay at the end, we keep caring.



The two volunteers will be accommodated in the centre of Santa Clara-a-Velha, sharing a house, with wifi internet, two individual bedrooms, one shared bathroom, a living room and an equipped kitchen where they can prepare their own meals. They will receive and manage a monthly allowance for food costs. For mobility within the scope of volunteering, transportation will be provided by the association. The remaining trips will be provided by the local public transport network.

To apply:

Read carefully each of the available positions, the hosting conditions, expected tasks for the volunteers and the profile of participants. Then:

  • Be specific to which position you’re applying to! We are expecting to read about your motivation to be a volunteer in that specific project.
  • Prepare a short video (simple one, homely made) of max. 2 minutes, presenting your personal profile & history
  • Prepare your CV in English.
  • Submit your application form(s) until the 14th of July.